Genesis of Cookies, An Art Print That Illustrates the Documented Origins of Famous Cookies

Genesis of Cookies

SweeTooth Design, a place that gathers creative recipes from all over world, has created the “Genesis of Cookies,” an art print that illustrates the documented origins of famous cookies. They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with printing, packaging, and shipping costs. You can view more photos and check out the backer rewards on Kickstarter.

Out of curiosity SweeTooth Design went onto research and collect documented history for cookies. The finding contains long lists and details of cookies, which many people may not have the time to read. Eventually we continue with a simpler way to bring food knowledge and history by designing the first cookie history poster, “GENESIS of COOKIES.” There are two backgrounds to choose from: LIGHT and DARK.

Genesis of Cookies

Genesis of Cookies

Genesis of Cookies

Genesis of Cookies

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Tone Deaf Test, An Easy-to-Use Online Test for Tone Deafness

Tone Deaf Test

Tone Deaf Test is an online test for tone deafness from music education technology company Easy Ear Company. The test gauges pitch sensitivity using questions like whether tones are the same, whether they’re going up or down, and whether one is higher or lower than another. While based on scientific research into tone deafness, Easy Ear Company notes this is not a replacement for a clinical diagnosis.

Most people who think they are tone deaf do in fact have the pitch discrimination abilities necessary to be great musicians. It is actually a lack of musical training which is to blame for their apparent difficulty judging notes.

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Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014), Nobel Prize Winning Novelist

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel García Márquez, the Colombian-born author of One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera, who received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982, has died at at age 87. On the news of the passing of the magical realism author, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos referred to Garcia Marquez as “the greatest Colombian of all-time.”

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A Machine That Automatically Folds and Launches Paper Airplanes

Postal company Neopost shows off a machine that automatically folds and launches paper airplanes in this 2012 video. Previously we posted about a similar machine made out of LEGO blocks.

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Canadian Pizza Chain Announces Possible Plans to Add Pizza Cake To Menu With ‘Pizza Game Changers’ Campaign

Boston Pizza Cake

Canadian-based Boston Pizza has taken to social media to help them find new and unique ways of serving pizza. Known as “Pizza Game Changers“, the campaign has promised fans “if you like it, we will make it”. Options have so far included pizza tacos, pizza mints, a gas-powered pizza cutter and the current favorite – the six-layer “pizza cake”, which according to the company, is “great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and even lonely nights watching infomercials.”

Boston Pizza Mints

Boston Pizza Taco

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Vsauce2 Answers Common Questions About Cheese, Carrots, Wigs, Sideburns, and Easter Eggs

Vsauce2 host Kevin Lieber explains why humans started eating cheese, if carrots are really good for our eyes, why people wore powdered wigs, the origin of sideburns, and why we dye eggs on Easter in the second video in his “Thought Glass” series.

Woman Shares Her Meal With An Adorable Pig Who Is Politely Begging For Food

A woman shares her meal with an adorable pig who is politely begging for food in this wonderful video posted in 2013 by UK-based vegan Michelle Statham.

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