Space Sushi, A Bizarre New Meme That Superimposes Photos of Sushi Over Photos of Space


Space Sushi is a Twitter account and Tumblr that superimposes photographs of sushi and sushi-related items over images of space by the National Sushi and Space Administration.





images via Space Sushi

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Vsauce3 Explores the Cultural History of Ghosts and Suggests We All May Be Ghosts Already

Vsauce3 host Jake Roper explores the cultural history of ghosts and suggests we all may be ghosts already in a recent episode. The video looks at ghosts in literature and how belief in ghosts impacted society with things like séances.

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A Cosplay Music Video From Dragon Con 2014 in Atlanta Featuring a Massive Collection of Marvel Characters

Cosplayers showcase the many hours that they put into dressing up as famous Marvel comic book characters in a new music video created by Beat Down Boogie (previously) at Dragon Con 2014 in Atlanta. Beat Down Boogie recently released two other music videos from Dragon Con 2014 that feature a larger assortment of costumes based on famous characters from television shows, films, video games, and more.


Infinity Glove


Iron Thing

photos via Beat Down Boogie

music by Francesco D’Andrea – “Hero’s Last Call

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‘Can You Survive?’, A Halloween Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Video With Felicia Day, Tay Zonday, and Other YouTube Stars

Can You Survive?” is a Halloween choose-your-own-adventure video by YouTube Nation that features Felicia Day, Tay Zonday, and other YouTube stars. Viewers watch video clips and are then provided with links where they must choose the next part of the story with the goal of surviving and making it to the end of the tale.

Adults Act Out the Audio of Two Kids Trick-or-Treating

In the latest episode of the Bored Shorts TV series Kid Snippets (previously), adults act out the audio of two kids trick-or-treating and entering a spooky house.

‘Antarctica: The White Continent’, Surreal Photos of Warm Weather Objects in Antarctica

Antarctica: The White Continent by Gray Malin

Photographer Gray Malin juxtaposes beach balls, lawn flamingos, and other warm weather objects with the icy beauty of Antarctica in his surreal photo series, Antarctica: The White Continent. Prints from the series are available for purchase — proceeds will go to the Climate Reality Project.

Antarctica: The White Continent by Gray Malin

Antarctica: The White Continent by Gray Malin

Antarctica: The White Continent by Gray Malin

Antarctica: The White Continent by Gray Malin

photos by Gray Malin

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A Supercut of the Song ‘Crystal Blue Persuasion’ Being Sung by Characters From AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’

Animator and visual effects artist Glenn O Neill of Coponfilms (previously) has created a supercut video of Tommy James and the Shondells‘ 1969 song “Crystal Blue Persuasion” being sung by characters from AMC’s Breaking Bad television series.

The original song for the sake of comparison:

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