An Animated Look at the History of Weapons

A short animation by The Atlantic looks at the history of weapons from the simplest ax to drones and beyond. According to The Atlantic, much of the data included comes from A History of the World in 100 Weapons by author Chris McNab.

From the axe, which originated in 1,000,000 B.C., to today’s killer drones, mankind’s use of weapons has been varied and incredibly inventive. Weapons have changed history and aided in the rise and fall of civilizations. For example, gunpowder, a Chinese invention, led to the development of cannons and guns—revolutionizing warfare in the Middle Ages and beyond.

A Bright-Eyed Eight-Month-Old Adorably Plays Every Instrument in ‘Baby Band’

Bright-eyed eight-month-old baby Jonah adorably plays every instrument and claps along to the music in “Baby Band” by Joe Penna.

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Funnyman Dick Van Dyke Shows Off His Incredible Dancing Talent in the New Dustbowl Revival Video ‘Never Had to Go’

The amazing Dick Van Dyke shows off his wonderful talent for dancing and humor as he tries to convince his wife Arlene Silver to dance along with him in the new video for the song “Never Had to Go” by Dustbowl Revival. The members of the band were honored that Van Dyke had agreed to be in their video.

We had the luck and the privilege to share the first single “Never Had To Go” from our 2015 release With A Lampshade On with the man himself, Dick Van Dyke and his lovely wife Arlene. They said come over and let’s do a video. So we did. What a dreamy guy.

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A Series of Travel Posters by SpaceX Depicting Beautiful Martian Tourist Locations

SpaceX Mars Poster 3

Private space exploration company SpaceX has created a series of travel posters from the “Mars Colonization and Tourism Assoc.” that depict beautiful Martian tourist destinations like Olympus Mons and the Valles Marineris.

SpaceX Mars Poster 2

SpaceX Mars Poster

images via SpaceX

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Stunning High-Altitude Night Photography of London Captured From a Helicopter

London - LAFORET

In the latest installment of his AIR series, photographer and filmmaker Vincent Laforet (previously) captured absolutely stunning high-altitude photos of the beauty and chaos of London, England by way of a nighttime helicopter ride in the first of four European cities he plans to photograph. Laforet shared what he found to be the challenges and the joys of photographing the British city.

…there is no semblance of a grid in London or of an organized geometry that you find in most modern cities, and in many older cities such as Barcelona and Paris for example. The streets can best be described with one word: Chaotic. It turns out that I could not have been more wrong: there is a very special beauty within the mysterious curves of London’s streets – and especially so at night.

London - Fisheye

London - LAFORET Big Ben

London - LAFORET

London - LAFORET Clouds

London - LAFORET Shard

images via Vincent Laforet

Anatomical Body Painting on a Pregnant Woman Shows a Developing Fetus

Belly paint in progress almost done

Dutch photographer Leonie Versantvoort and bodypaint artist Marieke Crone collaborated on Bellypaint, a photo project featuring an anatomical painting on the body of a pregnant woman. The body painting—while not perfectly anatomically correct—artfully shows what the inside of the mother’s body may look like as the fetus develops.

Belly paint

vertical belly paint

Belly paint in progress

photos by Leonie Versantvoort

via Yahoo, Ufunk, Lost at E Minor

How to Use Math to Play Better at ‘Monopoly’

Business Insider, in a video narrated by Sara Silverstein that draws from a 2013 post by Walter Hickey, shares how to use math to play better at Monopoly.

Resilient Cat Who Was Burned in a Fire Offers Comfort to Other Animals at a North Carolina Animal Hospital

Russell and Rocko

A beautiful and resilient orange tabby named Russell, who is being treated for injuries that he sustained in an accidental house fire over a year ago, provides comfort to other injured animals at the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care facility in Raleigh, North Carolina. Vet tech Megan Maus spoke with The Huffington Post about Russell.

He wants to be friends with every animal. He’s a very inquisitive cat. A very loving little cat. …it is utterly clear that he does something very special for everyone who gets to know him. He helps give them some hope, him being such a little cat of perseverance.

Russell and Darla

Darla and Russell

Russell and Rocko

Russell and Golden

images via Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care

via The Huffington Post