Meat Parade, A 7″ Vinyl Record That Looks Like a Marbled Ham Steak by Archie McPhee

Meat Parade

The folks at Archie McPhee have created Meat Parade, a fun 7″ vinyl album that looks like a “beautifully marbled ham steak.” It plays two meaty singles, “Meat March” and “Slab o’ Meat.” Only 1000 were produced, each is hand-numbered, and this is the first time in the company’s 30 year history that they have ever created a record. They also carry a Meat Parade Lunchbox and a Meat Parade Wrapping Paper Book.

Bring me your meat pies! Bring your sausage! Let them take part in the Meat Parade
Imagine there was a meat holiday. A day, once a year, when all the best meats in the world gather together to celebrate their meaty heritage with a Meat Parade. This single represents the meat carols from that holiday…

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