Creepy & Meat Parade, Unusual Wrapping Paper Books Feature Clowns, Ventriloquist Dolls & More


…lets you give thoughtful gifts while still being creepy.

Archie McPhee has released two new 12-sheeted books of unusual gift wrapping paper: Creepy and Meat Parade. Clowns, Krampus, earwigs, squirmy worms, ventriloquist dummy heads, Slicey the Pig, cockroaches, and more fill the Creepy book, while colorful sheets of “meaty goodness” fill the other.

About the Creepy Wrapping Paper Book:

…From a distance this wrapping paper looks normal, but get up close and it’ll make your skin crawl… Imagine how much your mom will love the ventriloquist dummies on Mother’s Day, your grandpa will enjoy the earwigs at Christmas and your niece or nephew will love being stared at by clowns at their Birthday party. Each sheet is perforated for easy removal. Warning: Contains worms, dental work, suicidal pigs and other images appropriate for any holiday!

About the Meat Parade Wrapping Paper Book:

You may wonder where the idea for the Meat Parade Wrapping Paper Book originated. You see, once a year all the best meats in the world gather together to celebrate their meaty heritage with a Meat Parade. You could use this gift wrap to celebrate Meat Day, but we recommend using it for holidays year-round. Wrap that birthday present in pimento loaf, a Christmas present in raw hamburger and use the bacon for Father’s Day!…Features corndog paper, hamburger paper and TWO kinds of bacon paper. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to meat heaven!

Also, I’m super excited to announce that the good folks at Archie McPhee have honored me by including a “Rusty” ventriloquist doll in the Creepy book’s art. I feel like I’ve unlocked an achievement and leveled up in the pop culture world!

Take a look:

Creepy RustyThe Mid-Century Holiday Potluck

Dead ringers, right!?



Meat Parade

images via Archie McPhee, photo via Rusty Blazenhoff

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff