Jim’s Bag of Broken Candy

Jim's Bag of Broken Candy

Jim’s Bag of Broken Candy is a two pound bag of damaged goods from Archie McPhee’s candy line. The idea came from their graphic designer named Jim who didn’t want the broken sweets to go to waste. Each bag randomly includes such things as cracked Suckers and Mustache Lollipops. “Less discriminating” customers can purchase Jim’s Bag of Broken Candy at the Archie McPhee website.

Jim the Graphic Designer was shocked when he saw we were throwing out broken candy. “What a waste,” he said, “broken candy tastes the same as unbroken candy! It’s a little harder to eat when it’s in pointy shards, but so what?” Then Jim had an idea, why not sell it to less discriminating customers? So now Jim goes out and collects all the broken candy and puts it into plastic bags. You get two pounds of candy for $7.23 and Jim sleeps better at night, secure in the knowledge that all that sugar has found a loving home.

Jim's Bag of Broken Candy

Jim in a fez with a bag of broken candy

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