Help Patrick Moberg Find The NY Girl Of His Dreams


Patrick Moberg saw the girl of his dreams on the NY subway last night, so he drew this wonderful illustration and setup a website, so people can help him find her.

UPDATE 1: It turns out that Patrick works for Vimeo. Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick made a video where he asks Patrick about the girl of his dreams.

UPDATE 2: Well it looks like Patrick found her. He added an update to the website.

UPDATE 3: The mystery girl is Camille Hayton, an intern at BlackBook.

Camille Hayton

UPDATE 4: Hilarious, somebody has created a parody of Patrick’s website: [thanks to Beatrice Murch for the tip!]

UPDATE 5: has a follow-up story on Patrick and Camille’s first date.

Patrick Moberg Camille Hayton

UPDATE 6: Following their first date, Patrick and Camille made an appearance together on Good Morning America.

illustration by Patrick Moberg
photos by Azikiwe Mohammed & Janet Durrans

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