Fe Wearables, Customizable Magnetic Art Fashion Accessories

Fe Wearables by Noah Waxman

Fe Wearables by Noah Waxman

Fe Wearables by Noah Waxman

Fe Wearables by artist Noah Waxman are cleverly customizable art fashion accessories that can be arranged in endless configurations thanks to hidden magnets. Waxman has partnered with a New York City garment factory to produce the accessories in two styles and a variety of high quality materials. He’s funding the initial bulk order on Kickstarter, and will begin selling Fe Wearables in October.

The project came about by accident. While working on an electronics class project, I built a prototype by sewing some magnets into a piece of fabric (a section of an old business suit!). I couldn’t stop playing with that little piece, so I scrapped what I was doing and sewed a whole bunch of magnets into all sorts of cloth. Some of the stuff looked cool and by the end of the week, friends were wearing the pieces around. I worked on several designs and picked two of the best to push forward with. Six months later, those are the Trestle and the Billow you see below. I now have a relationship with a garment shop in Manhattan that helps me produce these at the highest level of quality. All I need now is your help to put in the first bulk order!

photos by Owen Bruce

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