Deathstar Blues, A ‘Star Wars’ Group Artshow at Black Book Gallery in Denver, Colorado

AT-AT by Derek Keenan
AT-AT by Derek Keenan

Deathstar Blues is a group art show at Black Book Gallery in Denver, Colorado featuring a fantastic collection of Star Wars-themed artwork. Black Book Gallery will also be presenting a “first look” of the new Star Wars merchandise from Vans Shoes and Santa Cruz Skateboards during the show. Deathstar Blues opened on Friday, June 6th, 2014 and it will be on display until June 28th. Artwork is available to purchase and inquire about online.

Skateboarding and Star Wars are two of the biggest creative endeavors and commercial outlets of the past 40 years. Both gained immense popularity going into the 1980’s creating generations of devoted fans and successful consumer related brands that continue to thrive.

Gold Our Father Sculpture by Sket-One
Gold “Our Father” Sculpture by Sket-One

Wookiee of the Year by Axel Geittmann
Wookiee of the Year by Axel Geittmann

Deathstar Blues

images via Black Book Gallery and credited artists

via Super Punch

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