Coilhouse Magazine Announces DRM-Free Digital Downloads

Beginning yesterday, and for a limited time, acclaimed indie art magazine Coilhouse—”A love letter to alternative culture” whose exquisitely produced print editions consistently sell out—have made all of their back issues available for digital download as high-quality, DRM-free PDF files.

About their decision to publish digitally, in a high-resolution format, unburdened with intrusive copy-protection measures, the publishers wrote:

As paper gourmands who have been touting the Magazine-As-Art-Object aspects of our production from the get-go, we know there’s nothing quite as scrumptious as holding a tangible, finite paper edition of Coilhouse in your hands. We also realize that as we’ve continued to grow and evolve from a teeny wee indie publication to a somewhat less teeny (but still wee!) indie publication, there has consistently been more demand than supply of our limited run print issues as well as other merchandise, leaving a lot of forlorn readers crying out, “What do you mean it’s sold out ALREADY?!” And we must acknowledge, with regret, that our as-of-yet limited overseas distribution, combined with high international shipping costs, has made it prohibitively expensive for much of our global readership to afford copies of the Coilhouse print issues. We’re still working out these kinks as we go along. Thank you, comrades, for your continued understanding and kind suggestions on how we can improve.

Rest assured that we remain, first and foremost, resolutely committed to producing high quality print editions. But with your feedback, we’ve ascertained that high res PDFs are the best, most affordable solution we have currently for giving an ever-increasing readership access to our past print content. Depending on the success of this trial run digital sale, we may go in any number of directions: offering perennial PDF downloads, developing multimedia applications for smartphones and iPads, maybe even creating snazzy limited edition print digests for fellow diehard bibliophiles. Full disclosure: in recent weeks, we’ve been in multiple meetings with trusted mentors, friends, and publishers, discussing all of these possibilities, and more. SO EXCITING

Issues are being offered individually ($5 each), or as a complete set of five ($20). As this is also an important fundraising effort for the magazine, purchasers are free to pay what they like above those minimums.

The sale ends on April 21st.

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