Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is located on 5th Avenue in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and is a one stop shop for all of your superhero needs. One of their slogans is “We can help with your nemesis problem”. Where better to buy that new grappling hook and cape?

In reality it is a clever front for 826NYC, a youth oriented, non-profit creative writing center. Dave Eggers, of McSweeney’s fame, is the man behind this split personality venue, which is the sister store to San Francisco’s own 826 Valencia and associated Pirate Supply Store. It turns out that there is a whole 826National non-profit organization, which also includes 826LA, 826 Seattle, 826 Chicago and 826michigan.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. sells capes, grappling hooks, antimatter, and more. All the proceeds from the store go directly to 826NYC. The store also gives passersby a reason to walk in and see what’s going on in the writing center.

For more on the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. and 826NYC, check out Nicholas Taylor’s Park Slope Reader article: “Fighting Super-Villains & Educating Kids on Fifth Avenue”

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