Zombabiez, A Disgustingly Adorable Torso-Only Zombie Halloween Costume For Babies

New York City illustrator and designer Stephanie Davidson has created Zombabiez, a “disgustingly adorable torso-only zombie Halloween costume for babies.” It is designed to fit most babies up to 9 month olds and is made from child safe materials. Stephanie is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and developmental costs of the Zombabiez costume.

It was November, 2011. I was someone’s date to a wedding and awkwardly sitting on the back porch making conversation with strangers. From behind me, a baby crawled out onto the porch and the guy chatting with me gave a start, cutting out mid-sentence. He then exclaimed, “PHEW, I thought it was a torso-only zombie.” It was gold, and that night, the idea for Zombabiez, the torso-only zombie baby Halloween costume, was born.

Your baby will be happy, safe, and comfortable wearing the Zombabiez costume, and will likely want to nom on the organs like little Steven did.



Here is a time-lapse video of Stephanie and friends working on the prototype:

videos and images via Zombabiez

via The Awesomer