A Super Portable, Accordion Style Carrying Case and Wall Rack That Holds Up To Six Bottles of Wine

ZEbag 6-Bottle Carrying Case & Storage

The ZEbag 6-Bottle Carrying Case is a super handy, portable combination carrying case and wall rack that holds up to six bottles of wine. Its clever accordion-style design allows for easy portability and can open up into a convenient vertical wall rack. It can also be laid open upon a flat surface to hold twice as many bottles. The ZEbag 6-Bottle Carrying Case is constructed with shockproof, insulating padding that regulates the temperature of the bottles (Wine not included).

This designer bag is the ultimate when paying a visit to your favorite wine merchant or for carrying bottles from your own cellar. It is a versatile companion for weekend breaks, boat trips or picnics. And becomes a stylish gift presentation when offering wine to friends. …Each ZEbag comes with a wall rack that can be fixed to a door or wall. Internal padding and rigid partitions keep your bottles cushioned from shock. Due to its materials and construction, it helps keep the bottles at the right temperature.

ZE Bag

ZE Bag Carrying Case

ZEbag 6-Bottle Carrying Case & Storage Closed

ZEbag 6-Bottle Carrying Case & Storage Wall

ZEBag 6 Bottle Storage Box