Zao Fox Village, A Japanese Animal Preserve Where Foxes Roam Freely Among the Humans Who Visit

The Zao Fox Village (Zao Kitsune Mura) in the mountains of the Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, is a natural preserve where six different breeds of foxes roam freely amongst the humans who visit them. There is also a bunny petting zoo and horse stable available to those who are interested. The foxes aren’t completely tame, however, so it’s best to maintain a healthy caution around the animals.

The main part of fox village is through a door. This area is open, and the foxes can walk around the entire area freely. There are lots of trees and bushes, and you can feel like you are actually out in the wilderness. Most of the foxes are out here, of all varieties and colors. Some will scamper up to you with curiosity, and others will run away. Many of the foxes are sleeping or resting, which is, of course, also very cute. After feeding some of the foxes, they might follow you around for a while, hoping for more. You can get really close to the foxes. However, they are wild animals. I would not advise trying to touch them because they may bite at you. Some of them are obviously unfriendly and will shy away from you. There was little to no supervision from employees in this area, so be very cautious.

Fox 1

Fox Sleeping


Black Fox

Many Foxes

images via Justin Velgus

via Japan Travel, Kotaku