YuMi the Anthropomorphic Robot Conducts the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra in Pisa, Italy

YuMi Conducting Orchestra

After performing as a dj at a Ford Fiesta celebration, the YuMi industrial robot by ABB took a turn towards classical music. The oddly anthropomorphic arms picked up the baton and as maestro, conducted a performance of Andrea Bocelli and the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra at Teatro Verdi in Pisa, Italy.

…musicians sit attentive, instruments at the ready, eyes focused on the Maestro. Soloists stand ready as well, waiting for the conductor’s upward motion with the baton to begin. Yet this is no ordinary performance, and no ordinary conductor. Here, ABB’s YuMi, the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot, is making its conducting debut.

via Boing Boing