Star Wars Artist Creates a Perfect Yoda Replica Using Pieces From the Original Puppet

Norman Chan of Tested met with special effects artist Nick Maley to learn how he recreated a perfect Yoda puppet replica using pieces from the original model conceived by Stuart Freeborn.

Maley, who was on the original team that created the iconic Master, wanted to recreate the character for a documentary project that preserves the history of the character and those who worked behind the scenes to make Star Wars larger than life.

Creature effects artists Nick Maley worked on Stuart Freeborn’s team to create the original Yoda puppets for The Empire Strikes Back. Over 40 years later, Nick has embarked on a journey to recreate that Yoda puppet using molds of surviving parts of the original, and to preserve the work and stories of his fellow effects artists who worked on this iconic character.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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