Yoann Bourgeois Performs a Acrobatic Routine Falling Off Staircase and Bouncing Back Up Off a Trampoline

The brilliantly acrobatic dancer and comedian Yoann Bourgeois performed a wonderfully amusing acrobatic routine that involved him climbing and falling off a stairway, bouncing off a trampoline, and then resuming his climb as if nothing had happened. French photographer Mathieu Stern captured this incredible performance so that his audience could experience it with the same sense of wonder that he had.

Finally ! I saw Yoann Bourgeois live ! Amazing !

Here’s Bourgeois performing for a private audience at Rochefort-Sur-Loire in Pays De La Loire, France.

He imagines original physical devices that manifest in a spectacular way our interactions with the environment. His acrobatic language, on the edge between dance and architecture is radically poetic.