Virginia Social Worker Sets Guinness World Record for the Largest Collection of Funko Pop! Figurines

Virginia social worker Paul Scardino set the colorful Guinness World Record for owning the largest collection of Funko Pop! figurines. Scardino’s collection boasts over 5,000 different figurines. Scardino, who started his collection in 2017, was surprised and thrilled to find out that he’d set this record.

I received an email from Guinness World Records in the morning while at home, and I held off reading it until my wife was able to see it. …As I read the email out loud, I felt intense elation and satisfaction, as the months long effort had paid off, and I would officially be a record holder. …I was super excited to hear from Guinness World Records that I was chosen to be in the 2021 Edition

Paul Scardino Funko Pops