Remarkable 360°Aerial Footage Taken For the First Time Ever Over the City of Pyongyang, North Korea

Aram Pan, a Singaporean photographer working for NKNews amazingly captured the world’s first 360° aerial footage of the city of the North Korean capital city Pyongyang while flying above the city in an microlight aircraft. In an enlightening interview, Pan explained how he was able to film in such a secretive country.

I asked if I could capture the city from the air – long story short. After a combined effort on the part of the NTA (National Tourism Administration) and KITC (Korea International Travel Company), approval was obtained and my flight was arranged so I could bring up any camera that could be safely stuck or tethered to me. Flying over a city in an open-air microlight with a 2kg (4.4lbs) DSLR needed plenty of safety precautions. I still ended up bringing 4 cameras, including the Entaniya setup that captured the world’s first 360° aerial video over North Korea. This experience is made unique because of North Korea being isolated yet here I am doing aerial photography over the most secretive state in the world!.

Pan has also captured a number of really amazing aerial photos, as well.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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