World War II Jerry Cans Transformed Into Bar Cabinets

Danish Fuel Bar

Danish Fuel, a design company based in the Kolding Municipality of Denmark, has very creatively transformed the petrol carrying “Jerry Cans” of Word War II into unique and modern portable bar cabinets that can also be hung on walls. Because the cans are recycled, they are stripped, sterilized and made useable through a unique baking and sandblasting method, then powder-coated and reassembled with the purchaser’s choice of wood for the shelves.

A “Jerry Can” is a German invention that originates from WWII. Back then the English referred to the Germans as “Jerries” – hence the name “Jerry Can”. The coloring of the cans were unique in the sense that it was based on their specific use, cf. Red = gasoline, Yellow = diesel, Blue = petrol, and light blue = water…All of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans are handcrafted in Denmark based on the principal of reusing parts of old Jerry Cans and remaking them. Hence, not two cans are alike; therefore your specific can will be a unique specimen.

The bar cabinets are sold for €399 (roughly $547 USD) and are shipped “to most countries”. In addition to the bar cabinet, Danish Fuel has designed a line of bathroom cabinets and suitcases, also made from Jerry Cans.

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Danish Fuel Army Green Bar

Jerry Can Medicine Cabinet

Jerry Can Wall Hanger

Jerry Can Suitcase ClosedJerry Can Suitcase Open

Danish Fuel Jerry Cans

images via Danish Fuel

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