Wonderfully Imaginative Dioramic Sculptures Crafted From Vintage High-Heeled Shoes

Israeli Artist Costa Magarakis has created a wonderfully imaginative line of sculptures that incorporate mini-dioramic scenes onto or into vintage high-heeled shoes. Magarakis uses his talent to express his unique views of the world, including two very powerful pieces he created as a protest against animal abuse. Some of these sculptures are available for purchase through Magarakis’ Etsy store.

His work can be expressed as a gothic wonderland illuminating the gray area between truths and lies.His work is often a combination of grotesque imagery that is drawn from modern symbols and icons merged with mythology, religion and science “I often find archetypes in old children’s books and toys. I am attracted to things that evoke memories from childhood. The grotesque and the unknown are all important themes in the body of my work. I try to express something from my inner mind”.

via High Fructose

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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