Rescued Baby Wombat Turns Into a Mischievous House Destroying Teenager

A lively wombat named Wardoo, who was rescued at a young age by the wonderful people at Two Songs Sanctuary in Port Lincoln, South Australia, went from a sweet little baby to an mischievous little monster determined to tear his home apart by the time he became a teenager. While he can be messy, his humans are fully amused by Wardoo’s antics.

 Wardoo used to be really really lovely. Well back he was gentle he was loving. He’d snuggle up into you and then he turned into a teenager …a little monster. He’s such a naughty boy you can just see his little mind…going what can I get up to?

Wardoo will be with them for life, as the South Australian government doesn’t allow animals who’ve interacted with humans to be released into the wild.

He’s the king of the castle in South Australia. The SG government tell tell us we cannot release him back into the wild. this little fellow will be with us for 30 years. Because he’s going to be lifelong with us we really want him to be happy and his natural environment as much as we possibly can.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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