Woman Rescues a Pair of Special Needs Kittens After Being Abandoned by Their Mother

Geobeats Animals spoke with Caroline Grace of Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles about two special needs kitten siblings named Otter and Bunny whom she rescued.

Special needs cat was rejected by his own mom. But this woman took him home.

The kittens, who had been abandoned by their mother, both had underdeveloped front legs, and Otter also had a hole in his skull. Concerned about the very real danger of brain injury, Grace put a call out to social media for a helmet for Otter, and before long, Otter’s skull was safely covered. And Otter didn’t mind a bit.

He’s been wearing that helmet pretty much non-stop. He doesn’t try to scratch it off or pull it off…He’s really good about it and we have to change it and clean his head. He’s not in any pain or discomfort he does not have any trouble with balance. He does not have seizures which is incredible and kind of a miracle considering his condition. He’s the happiest little guy.

Bunny is also thriving.

Otter had surgery to close the hole in his skull It was successful! Here’s Otter after his surgery.

His surgery went smoothly and he is recovering well so far! He still has a long road to recovery but he’s eating, playing, snuggling, and purring like nothing ever happened.