A Remarkable Woman Who Offers the Free Use of Off-Road Wheelchairs for Everyone to Explore the Outdoors

A short documentary by TJ Cooney focuses on AARP Purpose Prize winner Monica Kamal Spaeni, a remarkable woman who lost the use of her legs due to a spinal injury. Eleven years after her injury, a friend opened up a brand new world up to her when he introduced her to an off-road wheelchair, which allowed her to once again enjoy her favorite pastime of exploring the outdoors. These chairs can adjust to different sitting and/or standing positions.

After spending time outdoors in one of these chairs, Spaeni decided that she wanted everyone else to enjoy the same experience and started Access Ability Wisconsin, a non-profit that offers the free use of off-road wheelchairs to the disabled community.

Monica Kamal Spaeni believes everyone should get to enjoy the benefits of outdoor recreation with their family and friends. She founded Access Ability Wisconsin, which makes outdoor wheelchairs and adaptive sporting equipment available to people with physical disabilities to use free of charge..

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips