Compassionate Woman Adopts a Flightless Carpenter Bee During the Final Hours of His Life

Geobeats Animals visited with Samantha Gissela Sirico, a compassionate woman who cared for a male carpenter bee who had become flightless during the final hours of his life.

This woman adopted a bee to comfort him in his final moments

Sirico explained that she had come across the little bee when work was being done on her house. She saw that he was suffering and immediately treated him with sugar water. She kept treating the bee with water, whom she named “Beefy” until he was able to come back to life. She took him to a safe place out in the sun where he peacefully passed.

The next day i just immediately took him outside into some fresh air. As soon as the sun hit him he started crawling around again. As many times as he buzzed he couldn’t take off again.

….I hoped that beefy missing from the pot was a good sign, maybe he had flown away and I started rummaging through the soil and looking pretty closely with my flashlight and that’s when I found his little wings….

Woman Adopts Bee in Final Hours