Scientists Share Why They Love Cephalopods So Much

In honor of Cephalopod Week, Science Friday asked a number of scientists to share exactly why they love these wonderful invertebrate sea dwellers so much. In response, they focused on the cephalopod’s incredible intelligence, their fascinating anatomy, the chameleon-like features and the distinct personality that many found to be present.

They’re the closest thing to aliens you can get without actually having to get on a spaceship. We’re studying an alien that’s kind of present in the room all the time and I really liked that. Octopuses and squids, just something about them is really captivating to the imagination.

SciFri has partnered with Atlas Obscura to celebrate Cephalopod Week with a series of talks taking place in ten cities across the country.

Three hearts, eight arms, can’t lose. Cephalopod Movie Night is back with our annual celebration of these amazing creatures, from the cunning cuttlefish, to the superb squid, to the outstanding octopus! …Join us for an evening of talk, tentacles, and talent, featuring four original short films from Science Friday, followed by conversations with cephalopod experts, performances, activities, and other ceph-tastic fun. Don’t be afraid to be shellfish—get your tickets before someone with four times as many arms grabs them first!