Who The Hell is Burstein?


photo by Rick Abruzzo

Recently you may have noticed quite a few posts on this blog by that Burstein! guy.

Who is this you ask?

Michael D. Burstein (a.k.a. Burstein) is an old friend of mine who is a prankster, artist and social justice research junky that graduated from U.C. Berkeley School of Law in 2006 and has since worked in Bosnia, Cambodia and San Francisco on human rights law and policy. He started off as a guest blogger is now doing daily posts for us as a contributing writer. I still maintain full editorial control of everything that gets posted to the blog, but at this point I just don’t have the time to write about the volume of stuff that I feel should be featured. This is where Burstein comes in and he’s doing a bang up job.

Mike is currently between gigs while writing for us and is looking for full-time work related legal or policy advocacy and research. If you have any job leads for him, let us know.