Fascinating Facts About White Cats

Mallory Crusta of Cats.com shared several fascinating facts about white cats, noting that like other cats, they can be a part of any breed, however a white coat is due to a lack of pigment. These cats are also quite rare.

There’s something incredibly distinctive and special about a white cat. They are relatively rare, making up about 5% of the feline population and there are a lot of really interesting things about them genetically that have fascinated biologists for decades.

A number of these cats also have other distinctive traits.

Where this gets really interesting is the fact that the gene that causes a white coat does other things in the body. So for one, it increases their chances of having blue eyes, which is referred to as hypopigmentation, kind of a lack of pigment in the eyes. And secondly it increases their chances of deafness, which is absolutely fascinating this is something that has perplexed and intrigued people for a long time.