The Astronomical Reason Why No Human Will Ever Find Out What Is At the End of the Universe

In an unconfined episode of Life Noggin, narrator Pat Graziosi who voices the animated Blocko explained the general tenets of the Big Bang theory (not the television series) and how it all lead to the formation of many galaxies including our own. Blocko also explained that due to the Big Bang theory, our universe keeps expanding, so much so that no human will be able to find what may be at the end.

So if the universe is still expanding what’s at the end of it. Well we can’t know for sure right now and there’s a good chance that we never will. That’s because the universe doesn’t just seem to be expanding but also getting faster as it does. If it doesn’t stop we’ll probably never be able to find a way to go fast enough to reach it, since we believe it’s already expanding faster than the speed of light.