Dedicated Woman Takes Care of Feral Cat Colony in the West Harlem Neighborhood of New York City

Liz Waytkus, a resident of the West Harlem neighborhood of New York City, takes care of the colony of feral cats living on a vacant lot at 142nd Street and Riverside Drive. To address their needs, Waytkus started West Harlem Cats, a group that feeds the cats on a daily basis, finds homes for those who can live with humans, gets veterinary help when possible and provides valuable TNR services.

Woman finds 30 stray cats in her NYC neighborhood, so she helps get them vet visits and food. Now she looks to the community for more help with the cat colony.

Unfortunately, this piece of land, like most of New York City, is being developed, so the cats will have to find new lodgings elsewhere. Waytkus stated that she’s looking for a new place for them, but safely trapping them has become a challenge.

It is with a heavy heart to let you know that we will begin to trap and move all of the cats. The construction is imminent and we have an opportunity to relocate the cats somewhere safer. I can’t say where quite yet but if and when the cats are moved to a place where they can be visited, I will let you know.

The colony not only important to Waytkus, but to many other people who live on the block.

The cats on 142 are a part of this community and have been a part of all of our hearts at a time when the pandemic was raging and we needed an escape. I know I won’t be the only one who misses them and I hope everyone can understand and appreciate they will live the rest of their lives in peace.