Mule Design Revives Their Classic ‘Welcome Squid Overlords’ T-Shirt In Honor of Dr. Oliver Sacks

Welcome Squid Overlords

Mule Design, run by the wonderfully quirky and talented team of Mike Monteiro and Erika Hall, has brought back their brilliant “Welcome Squid Overlords” t-shirt design, available in blue, black and green, for a limited time, despite the fact that they stopped selling shirts years ago. The design was revived in order to honor the beloved Dr. Oliver Sacks (1933-2015), who once said that this t-shirt was his favorite and 100% of the profits will go to the Oliver Sacks Foundation. Hurry, though, the sale ends tonight at 8:00 PM EDT.

A million years ago we ran a t-shirt shop. One of our most popular shirts had a squid on it. Many people bought it. One of those people was Oliver Sacks, who also loves squid. Dr. Sacks was fond of saying it was his favorite shirt.. Which made me especially happy, because he was one of my favorite people. He lived a good life. We are celebrating his life by bringing back his favorite shirt. And we’re sending all our profits to The Oliver Sacks Foundation.

Welcome Squid Overlords

Welcome Squid Overlords Black

Welcome Squid Overlords Green