An Incredible Compilation of 77 Cover Songs Weird ‘Al Yankovic’ Played Each Night of His 2018 Tour

On each night of the Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour during the first half of 2018, “Weird Al” Yankovic and his talented band performed a random classic rock cover song. The tour started on February 27, 2018 in Poughkeepsie, New York with the Deep Purple song “Smoke on the Water” and concluded on June 10, 2018 in Green Bay, Wisconsin with “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper. Weird Al’s team put together an incredible compilation that captures a bit of each performance that took place over the 77 days of the tour.

This video features snippets of every cover song we performed on our 2018 tour. Huge thanks to the greatest band in the world (Jim “Kimo” West on guitar, Steve Jay on bass, Ruben Valtierra on keyboards, Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz on drums) and our front-of-house engineer/mixer Denny Jagard.