Web 2.1 Photos and Wrap-Up

Web 2.1

The upgrade from Web 2.0 to Web 2.1 went really well. Yesterday’s Web 2.1 event was a huge success and something tells me we will be seeing even more events like this in the near future. Here are some photos that I shot throughout the day. A big thanks goes out to Chris Heuer, for producing such a great a event and for Brian Shields and KRON for hosting us.

At Web 2.1, KRON’s management talked about their new video journalism program, Rajesh Setty gave out free copies of his new book “Beyond Code”, Christopher Allen showed off his open source editing interface SynchroEdit, Jeff Jarvis talked about his new disaster coordination project Recovery 2.0, Dan Saffer from Adaptive Path walked us through their new blog statistics service Measure Map, Josh Elman from Zazzle showed us their online t-shirt design and ordering system (the Web 2.1 t-shirts were make using Zazzle), Lawrence Coburn talked about how RateItAll.com is in the process of convering from a Web 1.0 to a Web 2.0 company and finally, Adam Kalsey gave a demo of his tag suggestion service Tagyu.

I’m not sure if we ever found out who won the “Web 2.1 Lego Sculpture Contest”.

UPDATE: KRON ran a short segment on Web 2.1 last night.