Web 2.1: A BrainJam for the rest of us

Web 2.1

Not to confuse you too much about all of those Web X.X events going on this week, but another one you should definitely check out is Web 2.1: A BrainJam for the rest of us. This event is the brainchild of Chris Heuer, who was initially inspired by a conversation with Ted Rheingold at Webzine 2005 and Ted’s subsequent blog post on the Internet 37 Conference, his take on the Web 2.0 Conference. Web 2.1 takes further inspiration from the success of the numerous unconferences that have been happening lately:

A BrainJam is a new type of event (inspired by BarCamp, Gnomedex, TechCrunch BBQ and WebZine 2005) that brings people from diverse backgrounds together to focus on a few key questions, sharing knowledge, collaborating, solving problems, demonstrating cool tools, networking and hopefully making the world a better place while having fun. You only need to bring your mind, your past experience, some new Insytes and something for note taking. The event coordinators supply you with a general direction for the conversation, WiFi access, some collaboration tools and an opportunity to create magic.

Web 2.1 takes place this Friday, October 7th from 1-5pm at KRON’s Studio 2 in San Francisco (thanks to Brian Shields of KRON’s The Bay Area Is Talking blog for arranging the venue). There will be an After Party from 5:30-7:30pm at Cafe Royale (if you are planning on going to the After Party, please RSVP via Upcoming.org).

The price of admission for this unconference? It’s a staggering $2.80! Here’s more info on how to register.

Chris is still looking for volunteers to help out with the event and if you are planning on attending, please be sure to start contributing to the Web2Point1:Community Portal (aka the event wiki). For more background info on this event and what it is all about, check out Chris’ Insytes blog.

Oh yeah, I should mention that Laughing Squid is proud to be one of this event’s sponsors. We gave a little $ to help with event costs, etc. We know how expensive it can be to produce an event, even one at a grassroots level.

Special thanks to Jeremy Zawodny for letting me know about this event (via RSS of course).

photo: Mary Hodder’s powerbook at Bar Camp

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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