Fusion, A Wearable Robotic Backpack With Remote Controlled Arms for Collaborative ‘Hands On’ Projects

Fusion Robot Body Surrogacy

Engineers at Embodied Media have created Fusion, a truly remarkable wearable robotic backpack that sports an convenient pair of arms that can be controlled by a remote operator (body surrogacy) for collaboration over any distance. The Fusion can also be handily employed in those situation where an extra body is needed, but no one else is around.

“Fusion” enables body surrogacy by sharing the same point of view of two-person: a surrogate and an operator, and it extends the limbs mobility and actions of the operator using two robotic arms mounted on the surrogate body. These arms can be used independently of the surrogate arms for collaborative scenarios or can be linked to surrogate’s arms to be used in remote assisting and supporting scenarios

Fusion Direct Action

Surrogate Front

Surrogate Back

Surrogate Side

via Fast Company