WaterStrider, Pontoons That Attach to DJI Drones to Allow Landings on Water and Rough Terrain

WaterStrider on Sand

WaterStrider by Dronerafts is a set of pontoons that attach to DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 drones to allow pilots to land on water and other rough terrain. The pods attach to the base of the drone, but do not obstruct the camera’s view or interfere with flight.

WaterStrider is an accessory currently available for the DJI Phantom 3 and 4 that allows you to confidently land on water, snow, sand, rocks, tall grass, sloped surfaces, and variety of other difficult terrain. It was designed to stay out of your camera’s field of view, be ultra lightweight to maximize flight time, durable to protect your drone, and quickly attach and detach from your drone with no special tools. The perfectly balanced center of gravity means you can have confidence when you’re flying through the air. And the high base keeps your camera dry when you land your drone on the water!

Two WaterStriders on Rocks

WaterStrider on Lake

via Odditymall, Technabob

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