A ‘Watermelon Girl’ Gives Away Pieces of Herself to Become Whole in a Touching 3D Animation

“Watermelon Girl” by SouthernShotty is a really touching 3D animation that took five years to make. It tells the story of an adorable girl with a head of thick red hair who grew out of a departed island king’s stomach combined with his tears. The king, who had many regrets in his life, hoped that his little watermelon girl would do right what once went wrong.

A quest to find a new home unfolds into a heartwarming tale, where Watermelon Girl discovers the true joy of giving and building community.

When he found her too complacent, the former king shook the ground to make her leave the island and go out into the world. From there she found that the more she gave of herself, the better she felt. And when she needed help, those she had helped were there to assist her.

A Behind-the-Scenes Tutorial By the Filmmaker

SouthernShotty explains his quest to complete this film, how he completed it, and how he used Blender to really get the effects that he wanted.

Have you ever been obsessed with completing a project because I have nearly two decades ago I sketched this character with the intent of telling her story through animation and this year I finally released it.

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