A Brooklyn Warehouse That Rents Out Unique Recycled Vintage Electronics As Film and TV Props

The LES Ecology Center in New York City has always been a leader in urban sustainability but in opening their E-Waste Warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn, they hit upon genius. The warehouse is stocked with vintage televisions, computers, video games, cameras, clocks, telephones, and radios, all of which has been donated for recycling purposes. Those pieces in the best condition are put into the prop library. These items serve double duty in that they are not part of the local landfill and are able to be rented out as props to film and television productions working on period pieces.

As seen on shows such as ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘The Americans’, the Props Library holds over 10,000 items from decades past. Our warehouse is here to ensure we reuse and repurpose what is e-waste to some and treasure to others. Stop by to browse these hidden gems and leave with a prop master’s dream list.

Gizmodo spoke with the wonderful staff of LES Ecology Center at the Brooklyn warehouse.