War of Currents, A Shocking Arcade Game Where Nikola Tesla & Thomas Edison Face Off in a Street Fighter Style Battle

The innovative group of Dayton, Ohio creatives at Real Art have designed War of Currents, a shocking custom-built arcade game where inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison face off in a Street Fighter style battle. One of the many things that make their electrifying arcade game unique is that, once you charge up your super move, you can both electrocute your in-game opponent and give your real life opponent a shock thanks to a conductive joystick that they custom-made.

Real Art built War of Currents for their makerspace and bar hybrid, Proto BuildBar in Dayton and unveiled the arcade at South by Southwest 2016. Proto BuildBar was nominated at this year’s SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards in the category of “Innovative 3-DIY.”

via Dayton.com

Justin Page
Justin Page

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