Vocal French Bulldogs Squeal With Joy When Their Human Says That They’re Going to the Dog Park

A pair of adorably vocal French bulldogs named Ganon and Loki were barely able to contain their squealing excitement when their human informed them that they were on their way to the dog park.

I have to be careful not to say “dog park” around my French bulldogs because they get a little too excited

These two little Frenchies are also the stars of a unique video game called FrenchieQuest that was recently released in April 2016.

Frenchie Quest is a side-scrolling adventure game about my 2 French Bulldogs named Ganon and Loki. Embark on an adventure across a mysterious island where you’ll face many different creatures, monsters and other sorts of trouble. With over 30 challenging levels, you’ll solve puzzles, fight monsters, collect coins, buy items and upgrades … all the good stuff you’d expect in the most Epic of all French Bulldog Adventure games!