Food Editor Visits 23 New York City Pizzerias in 24 Hours to Determine Which Makes the Best Slice

Alex Delany, an associate web editor for Bon Appétit, took a tour of New York City’s plethora of pizzerias, hitting 23 of them within the five boroughs within 24 hours. At each place he sampled a representative slice and made a determination on the spot sometimes with the assistance of other Bon Appétit employees such as pastry chef Claire Saffitz. At the top were Best Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Sal and Carmines Pizza on the Upper West Side and New Park Pizza in Howard Beach, Queens. But the best slice in New York City according to Delaney can be found at Scarrs Pizza on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Before embarking on his mission Delany set out some strict guidelines.

This is what I’m looking for in a good New York slice it’s got to be a triangle and it’s got to be served by the slice, no whole pie. Here’s the perfect slice: dough super crispy on the bottom, a little bit of air bubbles nothing crazy fluffy. But in a sauce I want it to be simple and not too sweet got to be really tomatoey. Cheese wise I want low moisture mozzarella. None of the fresh stuff. I’m gonna do everything I can to hit all five boroughs and find the best.