Animated Yarn Mice Talk About How Knitting Helped Them Repair Themselves in ‘Visible Mending’

“Visible Mending” by Samantha Moore is a truly touching stop motion animated documentary featuring various interviews with people who share how much knitting means to them and the importance it plays in their lives. Different knitted mice act out what each narrator is saying, showing how each person has repaired themselves in some way through the art of knitting.

Visible Mending explores the effect that knitting has on the human brain to help people to reconnect with, and repair, themselves. Case studies include: a software engineer who re-learned knitting to recover fine motor skills after a stroke, an artist who uses her knitting as a medium to connect communities, a mother who knitted to process anxiety about her injured son, and a person with cancer who knits to shape and celebrate her days. 

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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