Veteran North Carolina News Anchor Announces His Heartbreaking ALS Diagnosis and Retirement During Live Broadcast

Veteran news anchor Larry Stogner at ABC 11 in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area announced his retirement due to his diagnosis of ALS after 40 years of service in a heartbreaking penultimate live broadcast.

I am sure that you’ve noticed a change in my voice, my speech slower and many you have you were kind enough to email me ideas about what it might be or just to show concern and i truly appreciate that. As it turns out I have ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Some of you may remember me taking the ALS ice bucket challenge back in the summer. It was great fun plus it helped raise over 100 million dollars. Little did I know it was about to change my life. There is no cure or my career in broadcast journalism is coming to an end. I am blessed to have had the best job in the world working for ABC 11 and the Walt Disney Company.

Stogner is expected to make his final broadcast on February 6, 2015. We wish him the best.

    via Uproxx