Vaportini, A Vaporizer Made For Inhaling Alcohol


Invented by Julie Palmer of Chicago’s Red Kiva, the Vaportini is a specially-designed vaporizer made for the purposes of inhaling alcohol, rather than drinking it. The Vaportini’s glass globe is gently heated with a candle which allows the vapors to be released. By sipping the vapors through the straw, alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, thus avoiding the digestive tract, and its intoxicating effects are immediately felt. (However, they don’t last as long as traditional consumption.) It’s available to purchase at the Vaportini site.

Upon extensive testing, higher proof works better for Vaportinis as does more flavorful liquor. Our favorites have been: any Absolut flavor, Bourbons with 80 proof or higher (Knob Creek was particularly delicious), Tanquary Rangpur, and Effen Black Cherry Vanilla. However, the possibilities are endless. We tried several infused liquors that were very successful. Again, the flavor comes through strongly, yet smoothly.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff