Clever Van Halen Inspired ‘Working From Home’ T-Shirt

Working From Home Detail

Boston illustrator Rick Pinchera has designed a very clever “WFH (Working From Home)” t-shirt inspired by the classic Van Halen “VH” logo. Pinchera styled the initials WFH in the same sleek, highly recognizable style.

A lot of you may be doing the WFH thing right now – I certainly am – so why not do it with a certain flair? Perhaps with a mid-air split or an extended guitar solo or, by simply wearing this tshirt. Amaze your coworkers in conference calls during this Panama-demic. Hot For Teacher (within your virtual classroom)? Show them how you feel!

Working From Home TShirt

Here’s the original logo as seen on the Van Halen II album cover.

Pinchera is donating the profits he makes from the sale of this shirt to Boston Artist Relief Fund.

And most importantly, any profits that I make will go toward the Boston Artists Relief fund, which will help creatives in my hometown during this challenging time. Go ‘head and jump!