Adventurous Man Quits His Job to Travel Australia in a Campervan With a Beautiful Black Cat By His Side

Tired of his corporate life in Hobart, Tasmania, adventurer Rich East decided to go off the grid in a campervan of his own design. He sold off all his things and hit the road with his beloved black cat Willow whom he adopted from a rescue center. Since that time, the travelling duo has clocked over 31,000 miles around the continent of Australia, documenting the trip the entire way through YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Calendars of their adventure are available for purchase through the VanCatMeow site.

In early 2014 I started making plans for a massive life change. Unhappy with my 10 years in the corporate world I started designing a new life for myself. I started designing a campervan that could provide me with shelter, a home, and comfort for this next stage of my life. Slowly I began to sell all my possessions such that what was left would fit in this van….We have now travelled thousands and thousands of kilometres around Australia, often only managing 60 kilometres a week. Please join us as we continue our trip, our worlds slowest land speed record attempt.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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