US Currency Redesign Concept by Michael Tyznik

Dollar Redesign Poster

Michael Tyznik created a beautiful redesign concept for US paper currency as part of the The Dollar ReDe$ign Project. Some people thought these were actually the new design for US currency to the point where Snopes had to debunk it. Michael is selling a poster featuring all of his US currency designs.

One of the most important things about America is our Bill of Rights. It is possibly the most important information any citizen can have. The design of our money currently contains semi-religious (the eye in the pyramid) and overtly religious (“In God We Trust”) symbols and text that go against the incredibly important separation of church and state implicit in the first amendment. In my redesign, these are replaced with the text of the Bill of Rights. It has been proposed that these ten amendments are in order of importance, so it is fitting that the most important rights are included on the most common banknotes.

via Jeffrey Zeldman