Upcoming Film to Document the Yarn Graffiti Phenomenon

Filmmaker Sarah Gonzalez is producing a documentary on the whimsical phenomenon of yarn graffiti. Yarn graffiti has been cropping up in cities around the world (we’ve recently posted about colorful yarn bombings on trains in Philadelphia and in the potholes of Paris.) Gonzalez is raising funds for the film on IndieGoGo.

Like bingo or shuffleboard, Knitting and crocheting has traditionally been associated with older, retired Americans, specifically grandmas. However in the past decade, the onset of blogs and online communities has brought knit and crochet art into the hands of a younger medium. Just as graffiti artists would spray paint enormous murals in urban areas, a new generation of craftsman are knitting gigantic patterns over billboards, walls, statues and even buses. “If we were British, we’d all have cozies on our teapot, “ says the New York Times, “but we’re New Yorkers, so we have cozies for our parking meters.”