Upcoming 2.0, A New Hope


Last Thursday our friends over at Upcoming released their latest version of Upcoming, which as expected included integration with Yahoo!, via a new url [upcoming.yahoo.com] and the use of the Yahoo! ID for login. In addition to that, they are now just “Upcoming” and are no longer calling themselves Upcoming.org. They have also redesigned the main website and have replaced metros with places, making it much easer to find out where an event is taking place. Oh yeah and now they have a cool new mascot, a mustachioed robot in formalwear holding a bullhorn.

Congratulations guys!

The most noticeable change is our new name and domain. We’re no longer a tiny non-profit side project, so we decided to drop the “.org” and move to an official Yahoo! domain. (We tried to buy Upcoming.com for years, but they refused.) In addition to making Yahoo! sign-ins and registration much simpler to implement, being on an official Yahoo! domain means more visibility and better integration with the rest of Yahoo! And don’t worry about changing your bookmarks; links to Upcoming.org will continue to redirect correctly forever.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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