Unorthodox Recording Studios That Turned Out Legendary Rock Albums

In a locus episode of his incredibly informative video essays about music, YouTuber Polyphonic, talked about three different recording studios that were rather unorthodox in their respective natures, but turned out legendary, blockbuster albums. These locations also affected the bands in different ways. The Big Pink in West Saugerties, New York founded The Band; the acoustics of Headley Grange in Hampshire, UK gave Led Zeppelin an instantly recognizable trademark sound and the dungeons of Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire, UK saved Black Sabbath.

The castle was a perfect venue to reignite Black Sabbath’s creative flame it was full of dark corners medieval armor and creepy atmosphere that matched Black Sabbath’s metal sound …It’s in one of these dungeons that Tony Iommi wrote the guitar riff that the band credited with saving their careers -‘Sabbath bloody Sabbath’.