Unique & Fashionable Hand-Painted Bicycle Helmets by Inkwell Helmets

Honeycomb by Belle Helmets
Honeycomb by Inkwell Helmets

Safety doesn’t have to compromise style!

Inkwell Helmets, founded by illustrator Danielle Baskin, is a creative organization based out of New York that custom hand-paints regular old bicycle helmets and turns them into unique and fashionable accessories for bike riders. Custom helmets are available to purchase from the Inkwell Helmets online store and are shipped out all over the world. You can check their about / FAQ page for actual store locations that carry their merchandise.

Red Apple by Inkwell Helmets

Circuit Board by Belle Helmets
Circuit Board by Inkwell Helmets

Giraffe Skin by Belle Helmets
Giraffe Skin by Inkwell Helmets

Solar System by Belle Helmets
Solar System by Inkwell Helmets

Klee by Belle Helmets
Klee by Inkwell Helmets

Globe by Belle Helmets
Globe by Inkwell Helmets

Mahogany Woodgrain by Belle Helmets
Mahogany Woodgrain by Inkwell Helmets

images via Inkwell Helmets