Incredibly Unique Electronic Instruments That Are Based on Synthesizer Technology

Great Big Story, in association with Pirate Official, visited Vlad Kreimer at SOMA Laboratory in Warsaw, Poland, where he builds incredible experimental electronic instruments that are based on synthesizers. Kreimer said that this work of creating innovative sounds is very exciting.

I would say acoustic instruments are like a very solid person. It has a very recognizable face…But synthesizer is a chameleon, so it’s like a perfect actor that has multiple faces. Nobody knows what kind of faces it has.

Kreimer also talked about this work being a balance of philosophy and engineering.

I need to make a perfect balance between strong idea and strong philosophy. …When I propose a new instrument, usually it’s a philosophical statement, so maybe I’m a philosopher more than an engineer.

Electronic Instruments Vlad Kreimer SOMA Laboratory

Here Are Several Instruments Developed by Kreimer and SOMA Laboratory

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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